ES 201 – Listening & Conversation 2


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By the end of this course, student will be able to read, listen and speak Spanish to function effectively in everyday situations., also it helps them to use different vocabulary for everyday life, use grammar rules of Spanish, write simple compositions.

Course objectives :

A practical class for primary level in Spanish language. It covers conversational situations based mainly on two language skills: Listening and speaking, but also includes reading, writing and of course, making discussions about everyday life situations. Stress is to be made on grammar, vocabulary pronunciation and pragmatic skills. Course requires practice with lab materials.

Course description :

Assignments / home works every week Midterm exam in week 8 Presentation and quiz in week 11 Final exam in week 15

Course assessment :

1- Miguel Angel Garcia Guerra y Jose Ramon Rodriguez Martin, META ELE 1, Nivel inicial, Madrid (2012) 2- María José Galbert, Mar Menendez, Prisma A1, editorial Edinumen, Madrid,2002.

Recommended text books :