ENM402 – Essay Writing

Ms Rehab Hassan

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

By the end of this course students will be able to: Use given strategies for generating ideas. Produce well-argued essays. Engage critically with reading passages and develop their own reading of a text. Express their authentic point of view in the form of a well-written essay.

Course objectives :

The Essay Writing course focuses on developing students\’ writing skills. This course aims at engaging students in writing as an iterative process and enhancing their critical thinking skills. Producing well-written essays that are lucid and effective and developing a persuasive argument are the intended learning outcomes of this course.

Course description :

Mid- term exam 20 Course work 20 Final exam 60

Course assessment :

Lucas, Bill. A Sense of Style. Oxford:Oxford University Press,1989.

Recommended text books :

Ruetten,Mary K.Developing Composition Skills.Heinle&Heinle Publishers,1997.

Recommended refrences :