ENM 601 – A/V Aids in TEFL

Dr. Wagdy Ghaly

Course lecturer :

Ms. Dina Mahmoud

Course assistant :

The main aim of this course is to provide students with a practical understanding of the theoretical foundations associated with the use of audio, visual and digital aids in the language teaching rooms. It also helps students make conscious, economical and practical choices for the use of learning- teaching aids.

Course objectives :

The course focuses on the use of multiple appropriate aids such as smart boards, tape recordings, PPTs, and websites to teach the four language skills which will result in positive participation of students in classrooms.

Course description :

Mid-term exam 20

Quiz 10

Assignment 10

Final written exam 60

Course assessment :

Gura, Mark (2014) Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age: Inspiration for all Levels and Literacy’s. USA: International Society for Technology in Education

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