EN 804 – American Studies

Dr. Silvia Elias

Course lecturer :

Ms. Aya Ahmed

Course assistant :

a.1 Describe events in the given literary texts a.2 Discuss their significance a.3 Interpret certain literary terms when discussing the literary texts a.4 Discover American history and its cultural constituents a. 5 Recognize political upheavals and their effect on literary movements a. 6 List the main characteristics of the nascent American identity including self-realization, self- identification, pride and self-propagation. b.1 Analyze different meanings in the given literary texts b.2 Interpret texts in the light of their historical contexts b.3 Compare texts that reflect different voices and ethnicities b.4 Develop an understanding of the diversity embedded in the American community through the study of its history and literature c.1 Create paragraphs in English c.2 Compile data in an organized form c.3 Integrate conversations between students in English c.4 Generate open-discussions during lectures d.1 Organize his/her time to meet the assignments\’ deadline d.2 Communicate with others using proper English language d.3 Operate in a team d.4 Support his/her argument with examples

Course objectives :

The course introduces students to American history, culture and literature through a novel and a number of poems and short stories written by towering American writers. Texts are tackled in the chronological order of their writing; they reflect diversity in gender and ethnicity including African-American and Arab- American male and female writers.

Course description :

Assessment Form Grades% Mid-term exam 20 Quiz 10 Assignment 10 Final written exam 60

Course assessment :

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby, Scrinber, 1925.Print. Poems and short stories are provided by the department at the copy center Notes are uploaded and are provided at the copy center

Recommended text books :

Levine, S. Robert. The Norton Anthology of American Literature, W. W. Norton & Company; Shorter Ninth edition (September 15, 2017)

Recommended refrences :