TD 424 – theatrical scenery design (2)

D. Riham Mohamed Hilal

Course lecturer :

Israa A. Abd El Rahman

Course assistant :

The student has the ability to: 1. Understand the nature of the design process for the theatrical drama and the role of the designer 2-Design for the sights and the theatrical scenography (plays). 3-Preparation of engineering drawings, paintings and models described for the design. 4. Presentation and presentation of designs.

Course objectives :

Proscenium Stage and emphasis on understanding the possibilities available to the landscape designer on this type of theaters. Design training for models of dramas and how the requirements (dramatic spatial environment – dramatic and aesthetic image – the process of landscape change) can be realized for dramatic presentation.

Course description :

interactive learning (5) Projects (10) written exam (20) final Jury (60)

Course assessment :

scene design & stage lighting , stage design

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