ID572 – Mural Painting (stained glass & mosaic)

Omnia AbdElRahman

Course lecturer :

Hadeer helal ola kamal

Course assistant :

The course aims to introduce the art of stained glass and mosaics and also introduce the methods, tools necessary for the implementation of special artwork done by mosaic or stained glass and acquiring the necessary skills required in the design

Course objectives :

– Understand the concept of Mural painting.
– Recognizes the characteristics of mural painting materials
– Recognizes the implementation of mosaic or stained glass techniques.
– Color and texture values are expressed in various mural painting materials
– Understand how to take advantage of mosaic technique and stained glass.
– Expresses the student experience through various researches and techniques

Course description :

The course grade is 100 in total Interactive learning: (10) Assignments & projects: (20) Mid term exam:(10) Final Exam: (60)

Course assessment :

1-Leslie Dierks –Making Mosaic-Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. New York-1997
2-Elaine M Goodwin-Classic Mosaic- Apple-2003
3-Joann Locktov&Doreen Mastandrea-Mosaic sourcebook-Rockport Publishers -2003ç
4-Andrew Moor-Contemporary Stained Glass-Publishing in paperback-london1996.
5-Elizabeth Morris-Stained and Decorative Glass- Publishing by Grange books-london-1995.
6- Carol Soucek King-Designing with Glass – Publishing in New York 1996

Recommended text books :

2- 3-
4- glass

Recommended refrences :