ID531 – Criticism and analysis in interior design

Dr. Rania Raouf sedky

Course lecturer :

Eng . Ola Kamel

Course assistant :

This article deals with analytical and monetary studies of projects in internal design implemented locally and internationally, in order to develop the student\’s ability to follow the method of methodical in technical criticism and objectivity

Course objectives :

It is important to balance the monetary work of the creative work to enrich the creative process in different areas and then we will address this hypothesis to discuss and analysis to clarify the importance and necessity of this relationship between criticism and creativity, and the beginning of the linguistic implications of this relationship by introducing a number of basic definitions of criticism, and discuss the function and philosophy of criticism in general. And to identify the historical development of criticism, and follow the beginnings of monetary activity in architecture, and the historical and intellectual track of the development of architectural criticism through the follow-up efforts of senior writers of architecture and critics depending on their location from this path

Course description :

Working Term = 40
final exam = 60
total = 100

Course assessment :

Architecture Beyond Criticism: Expert Judgment and Performance Evaluation.edited by Wolfgang F. E. Preiser, Aaron T. Davis, Ashraf M. Salama, Andrea Hardy

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