I533 – Criticism of plastic art

Dr Nermin Mahmoud Mohamed Gomaah

Course lecturer

T.A. Jailane hussein mohamed

Course assistant

1-General view of the media and develop artistic sense ​​for the students, train them how to be artistic connoisseurs and how to recognize and identify habitat features through in-depth insight into the vision and perception of plastic building relationships that govern the artwork.

2- Understanding and analyzing the artistic connoisseur ship, and the difference between art criticism and artistic connoisseur ship and teaching him how to read the artwork as an input to the taste, and the role artistic connoisseurship in technical development of culture

3-Reflections of artistic connoisseurship on the social behavior and work applications

Course objectives

1- Identify the meaning of artistic connoisseurship and artistic criticism.
2- Studying emergence of the artistic connoisseurship and the directions of connoisseur toward creativity and innovation.
3- Illustrate the relationship between the general values on ​​the artworks and its constituents

Course description

The course grade is 100 in total

  • Interactive learning: (10)
  • Assignments: (10)
  • Mid term exam:(20)
  • Final Exam: (60)
  • Total = 100

Course assessment

Ahmed Rafqi Ali (1998), Tasting and Technical Criticism, I 2, Vocabulary House for Publishing, Distribution and Studies, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2 – Shaker Abdul Hamid and others. (1997), Psychological Studies in Artistic Tasting, I 1, Dar Al-Ghorib for Printing, Publishing and Distribution, Cairo, Egypt. Mahmoud Al-Bassiouni. (1992), Terms of Art Education: Arabic English, i (1), Dar Al Ma\’arif, Cairo, Egypt.

Recommended text books