G214 – Media Performance 2

Dr. Shaimaa Mohamed Khodeer

Course lecturer :

Assistant Lecture: Dina Tag

Course assistant :

• Hands on training on the use of various tools of expression to produce artworks
• Recognize some of art schools that have adopted effects of colors through the practical applied of projects.
• Helping to innovation, analyzing and thinking.
• Having a link between theoretical and scientific aspects and applied and practical aspects.
• Identify color and achieve harmony between colors in artworks
• Analyze and get the abstract of the used elements.
• Training manually on the accuracy and performance skill of thinking, innovating and analyzing to achieve successful compositions.
• Find solutions to problems and technical constraints faced by the student during a work of art

Course objectives :

Discovering various possibilities of materials, by studying projects with the qualitative character of the media of watercolor, oil colors, pastels, and use it uniformly.

Course description :

The course grade is (100) divided into:
Research Project 10
Projects 15
Participation 5
Interactive Learning 10
Final Evaluation 60
Total 100

Course assessment :

Pollard; Julie Gilbert: Watercolor Unleashed, North Light Books ,Ohio , 2013 Hicks; Joyce: Painting Beautiful watercolor Landscapes, North Light Books, Ohio, 2014 McElroy; Darlene Olivia & Wilson; Sandra Duran, Alternative Art Surfaces: North Light Books, Ohio, 2014. Macey; Glyn: Acrylics Unleashed, Search Press Ltd, UK , 2012 Barron; Gill : Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques, Search Press Ltd, UK , 2014

Recommended text books :

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Recommended refrences :