FD432 – Modern Textile Technology

Assistant Professor. Nahla Ahmad El-deeb

Course lecturer :

Engineer: Marwa Mahmoud Abd Elhamid Issa

Course assistant :

– Understand the modern development in fabric manufacutring and the required raw material specifications for such modernized technology.
– Highlight the strong relation between fabric properties and the fashion design.
– Classify in details the new approaches of fabric manufacutring technology and its finishing methods in order to obtain the required properties.
– Demonstrate the production methods of smart fabrics and seamless knitting garment in order to improve the current trend of fashion industry.
– Investigate the influence of the fancy yarns and enhanced fibes on the final product quality.

Course objectives :

This course aims to study the culture, trend and modern developments in fibers and fabrics as well as new approaches in industrial operations.

Course description :

Inter active learning 10 Visit Report 10 Midterm Exam 10 Students’ Presentation 10 Final Evaluation 60 Total 100

Course assessment :

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