FD 323 – تصميم وطباعة منسوجات

Ashraf zaki

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

A historical overview of printmaking techniques The development of student skills in the field of printmaking art. Introduce students to the importance of printmaking art in the areas of work Raising the level of student in modern Advertising printing information Use types of arts printmaking in the field of implementation of designs Student knowledge outside the labor Art market The student\’s knowledge of modern Art printing & machines The student\’s knowledge and the types of Materials & printing inks

Course objectives :

A study of the concept and simple types of printmaking art. Studying the latest scientific discoveries in the field of the development of the printmaking art system. Studying the latest production printing methods – Studying the modern methods for the preparation of printing plates.

Course description :

The course grade is 100 divided into: Mid-term exam: (20) Research (20) Final exam: (60)

Course assessment :

Text Books: Text Books: Zacher Robert V.& Irwin,Richard D. : Advertising Techniques& , llinois. 1987 Mitiz sims: Sign Design ( Graphic , Materials, Techniques)- Thames& Hudson Ltd.- London – 1991

Recommended text books :

Web Sites: http://artcyclopedia.com

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