FD 262 – Industrial Garments machines and equipment\’s

Rehab Taha Hussien Shredah

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

To identify Machinery and equipment fabrics inspection  Machinery and equipment fabrics spreading  Machinery and equipment fabrics Cutting  Machinery and equipment and various sewing machines and founded classified  Machinery and fabrics handling equipment  Machinery and equipment, fabrics ironing  Methods of packaging, storage, packaging used in the garment industry.

Course objectives :

This course aims to Knowing machinery and equipment fabrics inspection, fabrics spreading and cutting fabrics as well as machinery and equipment and various sewing machines and the foundations of classification, and machinery and handling equipment and ironing fabrics and methods of packaging, storage, packaging used in the garment industry.

Course description :

The course grade is (100) divided into: EX(1) Techniques 10 EX(2) Project 5 EX(3)Midterm Exam 15 EX(4)Interactive learning 10 Final Evaluation 60 Total 100

Course assessment :

 Harold Carr, Baraara Latham: The Technology of clothing manufacture  Magdy Al Arif (2004): Glossary of technical terms and dating in the textile industry – textile Consolidation fund.  Abd el Rahman Mohammed Abd el Nabi, mohye gawdaa Solomon (2004): Principles of Textile Industries, textile Consolidation fund.  Soher Seif El-Nasr: The principles of the garment industry technology  Baha uddin Ismail Raafat (1994): The manufacture of garments – Arab Thought- Cairo.  Zainab Abdul Hafeez Farghaly (2003): Machinery and equipment in the garment industry – Cairo – Arab Thought.  Latifa Mohammed Park (1997): Introduction to the foundations of the design and manufacture of women\’s clothing – Cairo – Dar Elshahb.  Sawsan Abdul Latif (2003): Machinery and equipment, clothing industry – Cairo – World books.

Recommended text books :

www.industrystock.ae/html https://www.alibaba.com http://www.industry-plaza.com http://www.apparelsearch.com https://www.dmoz.org www.feltest.com http://www.globalsources.com https://www.alibaba.com http://www.onlineclothingstudy.com http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com

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