FD 222 – Costume Design (2)

Sherihan Megahed

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

• Emphasis the role of Elements and principles of Fashion design to build on the skills of fashion communication. • Develop and understand the holistic nature of the Fashion design process. • How to create new designs by using upcoming trends. • Build a capsule Fashion collection under one theme and inspiration. • Mood board construction according to the source of inspiration. • Focus on understanding of market levels, various sectors and target markets helps students\’ position their product. • Develop individual design sensibilities while using real-world design problems for content. • learn how to create original sketches in major areas of design using methods of two-dimensional representation • Emphasizes the development of individual\’s style and examines source of inspirations. • Develop the students individual design sensibilities while using real-world design Problems for content. • Exploring the professional presentation Techniques. • How to use different Materials in order to transform it in creative recycled dresses on Mannequins.

Course objectives :

This course is an introduction to the fashion industry, providing an overview of how the fashion business works, from raw materials to the production and retail distribution of fashion goods. The areas of fashion design, production, methods of predicting consumer demand. In This Unit students will also learn how to analyze a variety of Products while developing experimental approaches to research and design process in order to grow confidence and develop creativity, and they will develop presentation techniques with the intent of building a professional Portfolio of work.

Course description :

Interactive learning 5 Creativity And trend Following 15 Applying principles of Fashion Design 10 Mood Board Construction and Presentation Quality 10 Research Project 10 Final Evaluation 50 Total 100

Course assessment :

• Bina Abling, Fashion Sketchbook, Fifth edition, Fairchild publishing, New York, 2007 • Benthan Morris, Fashion illustrator , Second edition, Laurance king , London , 2010 • Davies, H, Fashion Designers Sketchbooks, Laurence King Publishers, UK, 2010. • Jay Calderin, Form Fit Fashion, Rockport Publishers, U.S.A, 2009. • Jemi Armstrong/ Lorrie Ivas/ Wynm Armstrong : From Pencil To Pen Tool , Fairchild Publications – New york, 2007 • Sandra burke, fashion artist-drawing techniques to portfolio presentation 2nd edition, Burke publishing ,London ,Uk, 2006

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