DP 462 – Digital Photography(1)

Dr. Shaimaa Khodeer

Course lecturer :

Samar Baiomy

Course assistant :

The study of scientific bases art photography, as one of the important themes that revolve around all the visual fields. Identify tools and basic and auxiliary means working to assist in the formation of photography staff. Understand the different technologies affecting the quality of the resulting image. Study dimensional aesthetic and functional elements and foundations photo design through elements found in nature. \0

Course objectives :

The art of digital photography and scientific techniques associated with it, ways to design and produce the picture digital photographic lenses characteristics and fundamentals that different digital cameras, filters and devices flash systems and features art lighting, how to assess the validity of the exposure in the photo and adjust the various factors influencing quality, digital image processing solutions and different problems in using Adobe Photoshop to achieve the maximum possible quality. And the application process to submit projects, student exercises during which staff photographic design using various photographic design elements in order to achieve the desired content of the message and they are connected by the artwork photography. \0

Course description :

projects: 25 marks Participation: 10 marks Interactive Learning: 15 marks Final Exam: 50 marks \0

Course assessment :

1-Understanding Exposure

2-The Digital Photography book

3-The photographer ‘s eye

4-Better photo basics

5-The art of photography

6-Mastering Digital SLR photography

7- basic photography(composition),David Prakel,AVA Publishing SA,2012.

8- aRT OF EVEREDAY PHOTOGRAPHY,Susan Tuttle, North light books,2014.

9- Read this if you want to take Great photographs of places, Henry Carroll, 2017.

10 – David Prakel , – Basic photography(EXPOSURE),AVA Publishing SA,2012.Micheal Langford: Starting photography, Focal Press, Great Britain, 1999. John Farndon: Hamlyn Encyclopedia of photography, Hamlyn publishing, London, 1985. Micheal Langford: The book of special effects, Eburg press, London, 1981. John Hedgecor & Micheal Langford: Photography Materials and methods, Oxford University press, London, 1971. Micheal Freeman: Digital photography , The ilex press, United Kigdom, London, 2003. Aflred A. Blaker: Photography Arts and Technique, focal press, 1988. Micheal Freeman: Achieving photography style, American photographic book publishing, New York 1984

Recommended text books :