DP 414 – Landscap 2

Ashraf zaki

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Course Objectives : Of landscap Studying of artistic drowing Knowing how to use drawing materials and techniques by pencils, water colors and pencil colors with one color and its degrees in life drawing of out door Students gaining skills and techniques necessary in sensing and identifying of shadow degrees through shadow and light in landscap drawing

Course objectives :

Artistic landscap drowing and technical characteristics of the human body muscles during sitting or, movement in different situations. Studying of perspective details in positions of standing and movement Using shadow and light in showing personal features and qualities, Sketches of different perspective using pencils, colored pencils, water colors and, pastel with one color and its degrees

Course description :

The course grade is 100 in total in a final evaluation committee with three examiners Art Works ( Weekly) (25) Final evaluation: (75) Total = 100

Course assessment :

وليم هـ. بيك – فن الرسم عند قدماء المصريين – ترجمة مختار السويفي – الدار المصرية اللبنانية – 1997.ص60. ^ The Secret Language of the Renaissance – Richard Stemp ^ د.وليد مطر – فن الرسم في العصر الحديث – رسالة ماجستير – جامعة الأسكندرية – كلية الفنون الجميلة – 2005.

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