D322 – Interior Design4

Dr. Riham Ismail Taha

Course lecturer :

Eng: Aya Afifi
Eng:Lina Ali
Eng. Shaimaa Elshabassy
Eng. Menna Gaber
Eng. Afnan Mabrok
Eng. Aya Fathi

Course assistant :

This course focuses on:
– Studying and analyzing design components in commercial spaces to create an interior design that serves various functions through theoretical, analytical and applied studies.
– Giving the student an overview of the principles and elements of commercial Interior Design, commercial client needs, commercial spaces characteristics and types.
– For the student to has the ability to find innovative design solutions & developing his skills in space planning, emphasizing the development of his conceptual and technical skills in the design of commercial interior spaces.

Course objectives :

– Study the characteristics and activities of commercial spaces.
– Developing an integrated design system for commercial spaces.
– Interior processing methods according to commercial activity.
– Interior Design for Commercial spaces and methods of distributing elements of the space configuration.

Course description :

The course grade is 100 divided into:
• Interactive Learning:.. (15)
• Assignments …………….(35)
• Final evaluation: ……….(50)
• Total = ………………….(100)

Course assessment :

• Panero, Julius & Zelnik, Martin, Time Saver Standards For Interior Design & Space Planning, Mcgraw Hill Inc., 2001.

Recommended text books :

• Panero, Julius & Zelnik, Martin, Human Dimension & Interior Space: A Source Book of Design Reference Standards, Watson-Guptill, 1979.
• Neufert, Ernst, Neufert Architects\’ Data, 4th ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
• http://marchi-interiordesign.com/coffee-shop-interior-design/
• www.designyourway.net/…/restaurants-and-coffee-shop.
• www.cafeinteriordesign.com/
• http://bork.hampshire.edu/~groundswell/transfers/hermens/coffee%20shop.pdf (The Coffee Shop: Social and Physical Factors Influencing Place Attachment)
• http://www.contractdesign.com/contract/design/Hospitality-Interior-549.shtml
• http://www.b3designers.co.uk/tag/coffee-shop/ http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/one-shot-coffee-144948

Recommended refrences :