D 233 – Shading Theory

Dr: Mohamed Eid

Course lecturer :

  • Eng.Mahitab Elsayed
  • Eng.Aya Boghdady
  • Eng.Nada Hossam
  • Eng.Hader Helal
  • Eng.salma Mahmoud
  • Eng.Ghada Mahmoud

Course assistant :

The objective of the study of the theory of shade and shadows The immediate goal (Applied): mastery of the shadows resulting from direct light to the signing of the block, and it identified three areas: The first region: illuminated surfaces of the cluster. Zone II: dark surfaces of the cluster. (the shadow) Region III: other surfaces to other objects located under the shade of the output intercept the original mass of the light. (shade)

Course objectives :

The importance of shade and shadows in Interior Design The effect of light on the mass of the most important factors that help design success just like the beauty of proportions and consistency of the various constituent vocabulary to work as a whole. * Manifesting relationship shade and shadows The designer needs to show his designs even closer to understand the owner so he can understand the proposed design. And shade and shadows of the most important architectural elements of the rollup.

Course description :

• The course grade is 100 divided into: * Assignments &Students work :(35) *Interactive Learning : (15) *Final evaluation: (50) *Total = 100

Course assessment :

الظل والمنظور الهندسى ,محمد نبيل حامد عبده ,دار البدايه للنشر -2005 . الظل والمنظور الهندسى ,فواز القضاه, منشورات مجدلاوي.2008 Engineering Drawing and Design by David Madsen Delmar Learning, 2nd edition, 1995. . Engineering Drawing and Graphic Technology by Thomas E. French, et al McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 14th edition, 1993.

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