D 222 – interior design -2

prof.dr.hanan sobhy

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Salma el kholay
  • Eng. Marwa Kamal
  • Eng. Sara noeman
  • Eng.lina aly

Course assistant :

Learn about the processes of initial design for interior design for residential and spreads through capacity development of the student in the installation and the realization of functional and aesthetic aspects through the study of a simplified vacuum models and residential elements are simple motion study, surface treatment and use of materials and color groups.

Course objectives :

The extension of Interior design with the first definition of various contemporary trends in interior design and practical applications of functional and aesthetic solutions for shops including internal coordination and design interfaces.

Course description :

The course grade is 100 divided into: • Working Term: = 50 o 15 inter active learning o 35 work sheets • Final Evaluation Joury : = 50 • Total = 100

Course assessment :


Recommended text books :