D 212 – Drawing 2

Dr : Ahmed Senbel

Course lecturer :

Eng: Mai Fouad
Mahmoud Ashour
Marwa Abd El Lateef
Esraa Elabd
Wessam Hisham

Course assistant :

After completion of the course the student should be able to: – visually analyze and interpret visual information through the act of drawing. -create drawings using the visual elements of line, space, form, shape and texture. – understand the role of figure and space in drawing. – recognize and synthesize the representational and abstract consideration in drawing. – be able to develop his own drawing language and express his own vision and ideas.

Course objectives :

This is a studio course in drawing based on the representation of figures from direct observation. Drawing is fundamentally about learning to see, and to depict that vision onto paper through a variety of drawing techniques and materials. The class time includes short lectures, critiques and screening of the master artists\’ drawings

Course description :

Inter Active Learning : 25 Final Evaluation : 75

Course assessment :

Text Books: 1-Marc Valli and Ana lbarra – Walk The Line (The Art Of Drawing ) –London – 2013 2-Francis D.K. Ching With Steven P. Juroszek –Design Drawing -Canada -1998 3-Steven Pearce –Drawing Still Lifes -J .Razo – 2013 4-Walter T. Foster –Drawing 1997 5-Howard J.Smagula. Creative Drawing .Brown a Benchmark (WCB) 1993 6- Burne Hogarthe- Drawing dynamic hands-wastongubtill-NY-1977

Recommended text books :

-www.historyofdrawing.com 2- www.artistsnetwork.com/articles/draw-a-compelling-still-life-basic-drawing-techniques 3- http://willkempartschool.com/how-to-shade-a-drawing-light-shadow-part-2/

Recommended refrences :