AD331 – Management of small and average project

Inas Masoud

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

Study the management and development of small and medium enterprises to address the problems of unemployment, and their role in developing and supporting the national economy and supporting large projects in services and goods through the field of fashion accessories and accessories

Course objectives :

the course help the students where to get business idea related to art and design field, and the factors influencing the success and failure of there project. also the course focus on how to make a business plan including Structure of the Plan, The Value Proposition, Market Analysis,Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, and Management and Staff.

Course description :

c1. Mid-term exam 10 10
c2. Interactive learning 30 30
c3. Final written exam 60 60

Course assessment :

Neil Ritson- Strategic management 2nd edition- Bookboon- USA- (2013).

Recommended text books :

1- Annabelle Beckwith- Goal Setting for Success- USA- (2013).
2- Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschäppeler- THE DECISION BOOK FIFTY MODELS FOR STRATEGIC THINKING- Translated by Jenny Piening- Profile Books- UK- (2008).

Recommended refrences :