BM 855 - Marketing Communication

  • Dr. Rodaina Abdelsalam

Course lecturer :

  • N/A

Course assistant :

The main aim of studying this course is to prepare the students for understanding the integrated marketing communications program, and new trends. The elements involved in a corporation’s image. The trends that affect the buyers’ behavior. The importance of e-commerce and mobile marketing Use of database marketing to enhance relationship with customers, and adapting it to international settings.

Course objectives :

Integrated Marketing Communications Brand Management Buyer Behaviors Alternative Marketing Digital Marketing Database and Direct Response Marketing and Personal Selling

Course description :

Written Exams 80 Marks 80% Quizzes 5 Marks 5% Group presentation 5 Marks 5% Case Studies 10 Marks 10%

Course assessment :

Clow et al. (2016) Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications 7th Ed., Pearson Education Limited

Recommended text books :

Pickton et al. (2005) Integrated Marketing Communications, 2nd Ed. Pearson Education Limited Journal of Marketing Communication, Boscobel, J&M, Egyptian knowledge bank

Recommended refrences :