BM 854- Strategic Marketing

Dr. Sally Raouf

Course lecturer


Course assistant

To provide students with solid experience in creating market-driven strategies for the future success of a business. Students will have the opportunity to develop and practice creative problem-solving and decision-making skills to simulate the requirements of today’s complex marketing environment.

Course objectives

a.1. Recognize the importance of having a market oriented perspective for corporate, business and marketing strategy

a2.Determine the customer life time value

a.3. Explain segmentation and targeting approaches and determine how to position and manage brands.

a.4. Determine marketing strategies for new market entries, for growth markets, for mature markets and for the digital world

a.5. Identify the importance and ways of establishing business alliances and relationships


b1. Measure customer life time value

b.2. Discover and measure marketing opportunities

b-3. Relate and Integrate learned concepts to solve practical cases, through critical reasoning.

b.4. Determine factors of success and failures in implementing strategy

b.5.Analyze a Product Life Cycle and recommend the appropriate strategies for each phase


c.1. Make use of the internal and the external marketing environment information in determining marketing opportunities and threats.

c-2. Choose which market segments to target

c-3 Select appropriate marketing strategies, based on information provided.


d.1. Gather, extract and summarize information from different sources to accomplish required assignments.

d.2. Practice the use of the internet to extract evidence –based information

d.3. Practice reflective writing to reflect relevant literature.

d.4. Communicate with others, to transfer knowledge and information and implement presentation skills.

d.5. Practice team work through group discussions, think-pair and share activities.

d.6. Work under certain time limits.

Course description

Written Exams (midterm and final)= 80 marks

Pop-up Quiz = 5 marks.

Participation and group discussions=5 marks :

Every Lecture Preparation of the mini-project and presentations =10 marks (5 marks on the report and 5 marks on the presentation)

– Handing in the hard copy report on 5/5/2019

– Presentations on 12/5/2019 General Required Instructions

1- The presentation should be comprehensive to cover all aspects of the topic you will select.

2- All students are expected to participate in the presentations and discussions

3- No two groups are allowed to select the same topic.

For preparing your materials, you have to refer to the text books found in the library (Ground Floor) in addition to other sources from the Egyptian Knowledge Bank

3- Mention All references you will use in your presentations in the reference list at the end of your report

Course assessment

-Hollensen, S. (2015). Marketing Management: a relationship approach, 3rd ed, Pearson.

-Walker, A. and Mullins, J. (2014). Marketing Strategy: a decision making approach, 8th ed. McGraw Hill.

Recommended text books :

-Walley, A. (2010) Strategic Marketing. Andrew Whalley and Ventus Publishing APs

Recommended refrences