BM 530 – Managing Marketing Strategy

Dr. Sally Raouf

Course lecturer


Course assistant

1. Recognize the recent marketing challenges.

a.2. Identify the importance of information for gaining insights and types of marketing research.

a.3.Determine how to create long term loyalty relationships with customers.

a.4. Identify segmentation and targeting approaches and determine how to position a brand.

a.5. Recognize how to manage goods and services.


b.1. Relate and integrate learned concepts to solve practical cases using critical judgment.

b.2. Examine different marketing strategies.

b.3.Discover the nature of services.


c.1. Make use of information about the marketing environment in evaluating and selecting market segments to target and in developing marketing strategies.

c.2. Analyze and develop marketing plans for selected companies.

c-3. Choose the appropriate marketing strategies for goods and services companies.


d.1. Practice team work through group discussions, think-pair and share activities and mini-cases.

d.2. Communicate with others, to transfer knowledge and information and implement presentation skills.

d.3. Work under certain time limits.

Course objectives :

This course addresses how to design and implement the best combination of marketing efforts to carry out a firm\’s strategies in its target markets. The course analyzes the competitive strategic planning for marketing dynamics to achieve the business objectives, including marketing ethics and social responsibilities. Emphasis will be on the managerial aspects of marketing plans, including analysis of the external environment. A key element of the course will include the relationship between the \”marketing mix\” and strategic planning. The course gives attention to marketing strategy formulation, implementation and control, decision-making processes related to strategy formulation and implementation in global settings. The course assesses strategies for the functional areas of marketing (product, pricing, distribution and promotion).

Course description

Written exams (midterm and final)=80 marks

quiz= 5 marks participation = 5 marks

Marketing plan preparation 5 marks and presentation 5 marks

Description for your marketing plan project:

Form a group from 2-5 and prepare a detailed marketing plan for an Egyptian Local company for the year 2019 to reposition it or to strengthen its current position. You may choose from the following companies:

1) Misr Amreya Spinning and Weaving (SAE)

2) Kha Company for preserved foods

3) BiscoMisr

4) Eva Cosmetics

5) 55555قسمة و الشبراويشى

6) Covartina

7) BimBim Egypt

8) Vistea Clothing Company

9) Nefertari

10) Hano Department Stores (High Fashion Stores Co)

11) Zahran Market

12) Alexandria Sporting Club

13) Mintra Company

14) Ieka biscutes

ايكا 15) Moments bags and accessories

16) Brazilian Coffee – Please coordinate with other groups, to ensure that your topics are not similar.

o Prepare a detailed marketing plan in a word document

o Prepare a power-point presentation to illustrate your work to the rest of your class.

o The word document should not include any pictures (pictures may be included in an Appendix), but graphs could be included. Plans that are copied and pasted will not be given a mark.

o For your Final power point presentation it should take only 20 mins, include only the main points, include pictures and/or videos, practice before presenting, dress up and maintain good eye contact with the class. Your presentation performance will be marked from 5 marks.

o Please check the course calendar (included in the notes of the first lecture) to prepare for the presentation tasks.

Course assessment

-Kotler, P and Keller, K. (2012 ). Marketing Management. 14th edition. Prentice Hall. -Ferrel, O and Hartline, M. (2008). Marketing Strategy. 5th ed. USA: Thomson Higher Education

Recommended text books

Kotler, J. and Keller, K. (2016 ). Marketing Management. 15h edition. Prentice Hall.

Recommended refrences