BF 858 – Islamic Finance

Course lecturer

Dr. Wael Moustafa

Course assistant

Miss. Chahd Hamdy

Course objectives

The main objective of this course is to progressively build a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic Finance and economic order and help to understand from the beginning how the broad principles and practices adopted in Islamic banking and takaful differ from conventional banking and insurance. This course is designed to also enable students to have the appropriate knowledge and skills to attain, and subsequently to maintain, competency at work as well as to help advance education and understanding in all the important areas disciplines of Islamic Finance . More importantly, the courses focus also on the moral code that emphasizes the obligations of professional practice, social responsibility and personal accountability in all dealings.

Course description

– This course allows participants to enter this increasingly crucial area equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out vital Islamic financial operations. – Many countries have recently seen a rise in demand for Islamic banking services, causing the sector to experience international expansion. This program ensures you are up-to-date with latest changes and equipped for success in this rapidly developing field. You will cover essentials such as the differences between Islamic and traditional banks, as well as how bank accounts work under Sharia principles. – On top of this, the syllabus explores the key activities of Islamic banks the key activities of Islamic banks and trends in Islamic portfolio management.

Course assessment

Assessment form Weighing of assessment grades :

  • Final exam 60% 60 grades
  • Midterm 20% 20 grades
  • Assignments 5% 5 grades
  • Projects 5% 5 grades
  • quizzes 5% 5 grades
  • Tutorials 5% 5 grades

Recommended text books

Mahmoud A. El-Gamal Islamic Finance: Law, Economics and Practice Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York.Hassan ,Kabir .Handbook of Islamic Banking. Edward Elgar Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, USA,2009

Recommended refrences

Ahmad, Ausaf. “Towards an Islamic Financial Market: A Study of Islamic Bankingand Finance in Malaysia.”Research Paper45. Jeddah: Islamic Research andTraining Institute, Islamic Development Bank, 1997.