BF 857 – Financial Strategy

Course lecturer :

  • Dr.Wael Moustafa

Course assistant :

  • Miss Chahd Hamdy

Course objectives :

The main objective of this course is to Provide students with a solid academic foundation to develop successful careers in finance and financial institutions and to give you a subjective approach to securities analysis, relative valuation, industry and group rotation, asset allocation, market timing, “theme” investing, venture capital, derivatives and quantitative analysis. Another goal of the course is to provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complex questions and trade-offs facing any investor, and the necessary theoretical background to critically evaluate alternative investment strategies and the modern literature on investments.

Course description :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to: -Show the strategic issues and policy of Investment and Portfolio Management. -Explain the basic concepts of Asset allocation. -Understand and describe investment process and optimal asset allocation. -Demonstrate an understanding of how to write investment statement -Illustrate the different advanced models in portfolio management and derivatives. -Discover new knowledge and use existing knowledge to conduct investment analysis -Assume different way of managing risks and how portfolio managers can hedge their investment against risks. –Analyze the increasing complexity of the business environment and using updated techniques investment and financial strategy analysis. -Examine different investment strategies and innovative financial engineering strategies.

Course assessment :

Assessment form Weighing of assessment grades final exam 60% 60 midterm 20% 20 Assignments 5% 5 Projects 5% 5 quizzes 5% 5 Tutorials 5% 5

Recommended text books :

(1) Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Reilly & Brown 10th edition • (2) Venture Capital Investment Strategies and Polices , Douglas Cumming, 10th Edition .JohnWiley& Sons,2014

Recommended refrences :

Higgins, R., Analysis for Financial Management, 10th ed., 2012. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Lee, A., Lee, J.,& Lee, C., Financial Analysis, Planning & Forecasting: Theory and Application, 2nd ed., 2009. Singapore: World Scientific.