BF 639 – Financial Reporting

Course lecturer :

Dr. Wael Moustafa

Course assistant :

Miss Maysa Al Moufty

Course objectives :

This course aims at giving students a more in-depth understanding of the functioning of financial statements .Also to prepare students who wish to concentrate in accounting and who are preparing for a career in accounting and finance .This course addresses the more complex international accounting standards , accounting for combinations, the international dimension and current developments in financial reporting. It covers the use of financial instruments, specific financial reporting issues, and risk-management under IFRS and GAAP.

Course description :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to: 1-Describe the financial statements . 2- Distinguish between IAS , IFRS and GAAP 3- Explain the different classifications and measurements of Financial statement items under IFRS and GAAP 4- Describe the main components of Investment Funds and Commercial Banks\’ financial statements 5- Describe the transactions\’ natures of mergers and acquisitions. 6- Estimate the ability of the firm to sustain growth in the future.

Course assessment :

Assessment form Weighing of assessment grades : 

  • Final exam 60% 60 grades
  • Midterm 20% 20 grades
  • Assignments 5% 5 grades
  • Projects 5% 5 grades
  • Quizzes 5% 5 grades
  • Tutorials 5% 5 grades

Recommended text books :

Alexander DBritton, Orison A (6th Edition) International Reporting and Analysis Thompson London .2014

Recommended refrences :

Wild, Bernstein and Subramanyam (7th edition),Financial Statement Analysis ,2000$FILE/IFRSBasics_00901-181US_23February2018.pdf

_The_basics_November_2012/$FILE/US_GAAP_v_IFRS_The_Basics_Nov2012.pdf. Journal of Accounting Research