BA 102 – Quantitative Methods I

Dr. Mostafa Shalash (Ph.D)

Course lecturer

Ms. Rana Adel

Course assistant

The objective of this course is to provide the business student with the necessary mathematical skills for finding the best feasible solution to a decision problem in any organization by analyzing all available alternatives. the course aims to demonstrate competency in the following topics: Linear programming, Break even Analysis, Transportation problems, Simulation, Decision Modeling, Network Modeling (Including PERT/CPM), Decision trees,…etc. There will be some discussion of computer applications of management.

Course objectives

This course is designed to provide students with quantitative modeling and data analysis skills that are invaluable in business. In addition, it provides students with a relevant background for careers in fields such as management consulting, business analytics, risk management, and so on. This course is ideal for students to be able to handle the management problems in a mathematical approach to improve productivity in such organizations

Course description

  • Continuous Assessment (2 Quizzes) 10
  • Marks Interactive Learning (Problem Solving) 10 Marks
  • Mid-term Exam 20 Marks
  • Final Exam 60 Marks
  • Total 100 Marks

Course assessment

1- Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, and Martin, Quantitative Methods For Business, Thomson, south western, 7th Ed., 2017

2- Lee & Shim, Micro Management Science, Brown Publishers, USA, 5th edition, 2006

Recommended text books