TM472 – Tourism & Globalization

Dr.Mahmoud Moaweed

Course lecturer :

Amel Aboul Dahab

Course assistant :

This course aimes to provide students with a comprehensive theories, different perspectives and research related to tourism and globalization.The course examins the major political, economic and cultural effects of globalization on tourism industry and outlines the role of globalization in shaping societies. The course also aims to describe how different approaches of tourism related to different types of globalization and how globalization links transnational communities and the changing dynamics of boundaries. In addition, the course has an insight into the appropriate methods for planning and organizing the management of tourism industry under the global trends. Moreover, this course identifies the relationship between processes of globalization and tourism industry and their diverse impacts on social change.

Course objectives :

Tourism not only plays an important role in the development of this process, it is also becoming subject to transformation of the international business environment. The issue of competition of such a globalizing world has taken a new form. To be able to compete, one needs to understand the new parameters and to upgrade innovative strategies. For this reason, organizations have become the focal point. As tourism is taking a new direction-from Mass to Sustainable – new organizational approaches are inevitable.

Course description :

Method 1: Quizzes
Method 2 : Presentations assessment criteria
Method 3: Written exams (Mid-Term Exam + Final exam)
Method 4 : Assignments & class activities
Method 5: Case Study Criteria
Method 6: Debate assessment criteria
Method 7: Assessment of Professional Skills

Course assessment :

  • Donald G. Reid, (2013), Tourism, Globalization and Development: Responsible Tourism Planning, London
  • Sterling, Virginia. ISBN: 0–7453–1999–8. World tourism organization, (2011), Publicity and practice for global tourism, Madrid, Spain.

Recommended text books :

  1.  MATER, A., (2008), Globalization and tourism case study, Romania, ROTARIU, ILIE
  2. Charles R. G, Brent Ritchie J. R. (2009), ‘Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies’, 11thedn, John Wiley & Sons, New York.
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  4. Michael Hall, C. Stephen J. Page, The Geography of Tourism and Recreation: Environment, Place, and Space, (2002), London.

Recommended refrences :