THM 245 – Legal Issues in Tourism & Hospitality

  • Dr.Dalia Sarry

Course lecturer :

  • Amel Aboul Dahab

Course assistant :

This course identifies the legislation, disciplines, and ethics that govern the field of tourism and hospitality. In addition, it organizes the interrelationships between the different parties representing the tourism and hospitality industry. Moreover, it provides students with knowledge about tourism labor rights and duties in the Egyptian labor law. Furthermore, it provides students with the ability to recognize the investment incentives for tourism and hospitality entreprises by the Egyptian investment law and regulation. This course enables students to estimate the conditions and procedures for licensing the tourism and hotel establishments in Egypt

Course objectives :

This course aims to develop and update the legal knowledge required to ensure business compliance with legislation governing the tourism industry.

Course description :

Method 1 Written Exams Method 2 Pre-class quiz Criteria Method 3Presentation Criteria Method 4 Small Group Discussion Method 5 Assignments Criteria Method 6 Critical Thinking Criteria Method 7 Problem based learning Criteria Method 8 Small group discussion Criteria Method 9 Assessment of Professional Skills

Course assessment :

Stephen Barth, (2017), Hospitality Law: Managing Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry, 5th edition, Wiley Publishersepts and Cases. Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 8DP

Recommended text books :

  1. Suzan Ali Hassan (2004), Tourism and hospitality legislation, El-Maaref Publisher.
  2. Salem, Mohamed, Elhady (1991), Legal issues of tourism and hospitality, University culture association, Alexandria, Egypt.

Recommended refrences :