THM 164 – Tourism and hospitality business ethics

Course lecturer :

  • Dr. Ghada Basiony
  • Dr. Amel Abo Eldahab

Course assistant :

  • Mr. Amr Fouad

Course objectives :

– Identify the corporate social responsibility in the context of the hospitality and tourism business – Describe the importance of ethical behavior in decision making in the hospitality and tourism enterprises/businesses – Discuss the ethical and social responsibility of tourism and hospitality enterprises. – Review code of ethics in the hospitality and tourism businesses industry – Define concepts of ethics in the hospitality and tourism businesses. – Understand ethical concerns facing hospitality and tourism businesses. – Recognize the ethical issues which can affect the tourism and hospitality operations

Course description :

This course provides students with an understanding of business ethics and corporate social responsibility in the hospitality and tourism industry. The course includes ethical constructs that affect the behavior of individuals and organizations. The course provides students with the ability to compare between different cultures, review how these behaviors impact stakeholders and use Code of ethics of tourism and hospitality Industry

Course assessment :

Interactive learning (week 7,week 11,week 13) Quiz (week 6) Mid-term examination (week 8) Final written examination (weeks 15) Mid Term Exam 20% (20 Marks) Interactive learning (quiz ,Presentation, Small Group Discussion, Case studies and Assessment of professional skills) 30%(30 Marks) Final Written Exam 50% (50 Marks)

Recommended text books :

Lieberman,K&Nissen.B (2008). Ethics in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Canada :Person education Jaszay, C&Dunk,P(2006)Ethical Decision Making in the Hospitality Industry, London :Pearson/Prentice Hall

Recommended refrences : Costello, H and Hogan, I. Codes of ethics in Hospitality and tourism. International Journal of Hospitality Management 2/4, (2002), 243-268 Patterson, T. Ethical dilemma in the hospitality industry, Journal of Travel Research, 36/4, (2008), 47-56. .Smith, P and Colman, J. Ethics in the Tourism and hospitality industry. Journal of BusinessEthics, 15/11(2006), 1175-1187. Stevens, G. Ethical issues in hotel human resources. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education.12/5, (2008), 56-78