HM 494 – Industry Internship 4

  • Dr. Gamal Hassan

Course lecturer :

  • Mr. Amr Fouad

Course assistant :

Identify the role of human resources within an organization Recognize the communication process within the workplace Explain the individuals and groups function in the workplace

Course objectives :

This course provides students with the skills for entry level management positions. Moreover, students will be able to take decision according to business requirements, manage staff, and deal with crisis and practice risk management. In addition, the course gives students negotiations skills, leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Furthermore, it also gives students the skills to setup and run their own business.

Course description :

Interactive Learning Weekly Field Project During the semester Internal Industry internship 50%=50 marks External Industry internship50= %50 marks

Course assessment :

Krizma,B.,Merrier,P.,Logan,j. and Williams ,K.(2005)business communication, Thomas on south, USA

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