ENG 6T – English (6)

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Course lecturer :

  • Mr. Mohamed Fouad

Course assistant :

– Classify specific vocabulary, terminology and abbreviations used by the travel and tourism industry – Demonstrate a good understanding of world geography – Recognize and understand the given material or data – Recognize the principles and structure of travel agencies and other tourist organizations. – Explain routine information and/or instructions related to the tourism industry

Course objectives :

This course aims to provide students with the ability to communicate effectively in English at a professional or supervisory level in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. Improve students’ oral communicative skills by using professional tourism terminologies. Function effectively in dealing with English-speaking customers. Provide students with real-life situations and authentic materials. Enhance acquisition of intercultural communicative competence. Increase awareness about different expectations related to customer service. Increase the ability to interact with clients and the ability to write official letters.

Course description :

  1. Presentation Criteria (Week 5,12)
  2. Class discussions Criteria (Weekly)
  3. Assignments criteria (Weekly)
  4. Role playing Criteria (Weekly)
  5. Homework Criteria (Weekly)
  6. Class activates (Weekly)
  7. Problem based learning Criteria (Week 1,2)
  8. Small group discussion (Weekly)
  9. Pre-class quiz Criteria (Week 6)
  10. Mid-term Exam (Week 8)
  11. Practical Exam (week 15)
  12. Final written exam (Week 16)

Course assessment :

Pokthitiyuk, Yupin (2005). English for Tourism. Department of English, Thammasat University.

Recommended text books :


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