ENG 5T – English (5)

  • Mr. Mohamed Amin

Course lecturer :

  • Mr. Amr Fouad

Course assistant :

Memorize vocabulary in daily life situations and Recall a wide range of vocabulary for tourism. – Use vocabulary in writing essays about basic topics. – Listening, Reading and understanding in English. – Tell the mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of English culture – Describe and use all the language related to Tourism and use it fluently – Identify how to use English grammar correctly – Describe in English (not Arabic translated into English. – Describe different scenarios for aspects of Tourism in English . – Recognize professional skills needed in people working in tourism industry. – Recognize the principles and structure of travel agencies and other tourist organizations.

Course objectives :

The course aims at introducing students to key terms and expressions used in tourism. It also aims at developing the communication skills needed to work effectively in this international challenging sector. It focuses on core topics including travel agency, tour operation, transport, promotion and marketing, guiding and future development in the tourism industry

Course description :

• Final-term Exam 50% (50 Marks) • Mid-Term Exam 20%(20 Marks) • Practical Exam 10%(10 Marks) • interactive learning 20%(20Marks)

Course assessment :

Strutt , P. (2013) English for International Tourism, Pearson, USA

Recommended text books :

EDI International House ,Siskin Parkway East ,Middlemarch ,Business Park Coventry CV3 4PE ,UK

Recommended refrences :