RSTP201/METP201 – Technological principles of medical instrumentation

Dr.Mohamed Isamail Badawi

Course lecturer :

L.A Ahmed Elderine

Course assistant :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to; Develop an understanding of the diverse electronic instruments in use, their design & manufacturing techniques & of their communication with the user & the control systems.

Course objectives :

It provides an introduction to medical instrumentation systems, modes of operation, constraints, classification, interference, and modifying inputs. Compensation Techniques. Medical instrumentation characteristics. Design criteria.

Course description :


Assignment & Activities:10

Final exam (Written):75

Total: 100

Course assessment :

Anthony Y. K. Chan. Biomedical instrumentation technology.4th edition. 2017

Recommended text books :

Biomedical Engineering Handbook , Volume 2: Applications ,Second Edition , Myer Kutz . 2017

Recommended refrences :