MXIP 201- Imaging Procedure 1

Dr Mohamed El Safwany, MD.

Course lecturer

  • Atef Kamal
  • Hanaan Zayed

Course assistant

In this course, the students will be able to recognize Radiological image quality assurance. Understand proper medical radiological terminology. Learn various diagnostic radiological techniques with proper guidance and orientation of Radio-anatomy. Integrates medical imaging procedures in association of basic training of radiological skills.

Course objectives

This course includes an introduction to radiographic positioning terminology, the proper manipulation of equipment, positioning and alignment of the anatomical structure and equipment, and evaluation of images for proper demonstration of basic anatomy and related pathology. This course will analyze radiographic image qualities and the effects of exposure variables upon these qualities.

Course description

  • Mid-Term : 15
  • Assignment : 3
  • Interactive learning : 7
  • Final exam (Practical) : 25
  • Final exam (Written) : 50

Course assessment

Clark’s positioning and techniques – David Sutton’s Radiology

Recommended text books