MLPA-201 – Pathology

Prof.Dr.Magdy Bedewy

Course lecturer :

Lecturer Assistant . Nahla Hefny Lecturer Assistant . Nisreen Helaly Lecturer Assistant . Asmaa Miky

Course assistant :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to; 1- Describe the different morphological and functional changes that occur as a result of disorders and diseases of the various body tissues and organs. 2- Produce scientifically and professionally capable biotechnologist to meet regional and national needs. 3- Manage common and less common problems adequately 4- Be competant in basic and some advanced procedural and practical skills. 5- Be able to conduct scientific research.

Course objectives :

Topics include tissue and cell damage, inflammations, repair and healing, circulatory disturbance, infections, neoplasia, and immuno-pathology.

Course description :

15% Mid-term exam 3% Assignment 7% Interactive Learning 25% Practical Exam 50% Final Exam

Course assessment :

Robbins. Text book of Pathology. 2007

Recommended text books :

Muirs. Pathology. 2008

Recommended refrences :