MLEC-301 – Etiology of cancer

Dr Hewaida Fadel

Course lecturer :

Omnia Aly

Course assistant :

The etiology of cancer course focuses on the risk factors causing different types of cancer, in addition to, studying the mechanism of initiation, promotion and progression of cancer. a1. Identify types of articles and their compositions. a2-List the risk factors of cancer. a3- Identify the aim of scientific research in cancer chemistry. a3- Demonstrate the mechanism of induction of cancer a5- Recognize the mechanism of carcinogenesis. a6-List some carcinogenic agents. a7-Identify the metabolism of xenobiotics a8-Recognize the relationship between xenobiotics and cancer. a9-Identify the molecular basics of cancer. a10-Recognize the role of mutation in induction of cancer. a11- List some oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. a12-Recognize the relationship between free radicals and mutation resulting in carcinogenesis.

Course objectives :

-Carcinogenesis -Epidemiology and risk factors -Metabolism of xenobiotics -Free Radicals -Molecular biology of cancer

Course description :

75 final theoretical exam 15 midterm exam 10 assignment

Course assessment :

David J. Kerr, Daniel G. Haller, Cornelis J. H. van de velde, Michael Bauman. Oxford textbook of Oncology, 2nd edition, 2012.

Recommended text books :

The Biology of Cancer. Robert A. Weinberg. 2nd edition.2010

Recommended refrences :