MFTN-404 – Therapeutic Nutrition lab II

Amany A Salama

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

The aim of this course is the practical application of nutritional care in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of disease conditions, trauma, surgery and metabolic disorders; preparing a professional dietitian who possesses the knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice in a variety of current health care delivery system. Developing in students the capacity for other personality traits such as; critical thinking, commitment and interdisciplinary work, so that they become more effective problem solvers and continuing learners both as students and in their subsequent careers. (Students undertake a fourteen-week experiential learning period in a clinical setting of a hospital/clinic during which they take nutritional care of patients. On Mondays students attend and participate in seminars, literature reviews and case studies.)

Course objectives :

The course will be implemented through practical training in hospitals under the supervision of staff members. It includes dietary prescription and formation to patients suffering from various diseases, reporting and group discussions.

Course description :

Assessment Form c1. Course work 10 c2. Midterm exam 15 c3. Practical exam 25 c4. Final written exam 50

Course assessment :

Mahan, L.K. and Raymond, J. L, Editors. 2017. Krause\’s food & the nutrition care process. 14th Edition. Publisher: Elsevier. Canada.

Recommended text books :

Ellie Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes, Editors. 2013. Understanding Nutrition. 10th Edition. Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

Recommended refrences :