MFNI-401 – Nutrition and Immunity

Amany A Salama

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By the end of this course, student will be able to: 1. Recall Knowledge from previous related courses 2. Express the role of malnutrition in the impairment of natural immunity 3. Explain the effects of nutrients on the immune system 4. Identify dietary components that improve immune function and support optimal health 5. Recognize how to set objectives for optimal, achievable patient outcomes and develop a suitable NCP Model for these selected conditions 6. Describe the role of infection in the impairment of dietary adequacy 7. Define diet terms such as the following terms: elimination Diet, and immune modulating dietary properties.

Course objectives :

The course focuses on the role of malnutrition and dietary deficiency in the impairment of natural immunity, the association between malnutrition and increasing susceptibility to infectious diseases and the role of infection in the impairment of dietary adequacy.

Course description :

Assessment Form c1. Interactive learning 7 c2. Mid-term exam + other activities 18 c3. Final written exam 75

Course assessment :

Mahan, L.K. and Raymond, J. L, Editors. 2017. Krause\’s food & the nutrition care process. 14th Edition. Publisher: Elsevier. Canada.

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