MFNE 401 – Nutrition education

  • Dr.Doha Magdy

Course lecturer :

Demo. Nehad Khalid

Course assistant :

-Define the nutrition education approches . – Describe the methods of planning nutrition education campagn . -Develop communication strategy and designing nutrition and health messages.. – integrate the nutrition education activities into what is being doing .

Course objectives :

The purpose of This course is to provide an instructional methods for students to know how planning and conducting a successful nutrition education campaign , This course focuses on the various methods whichIncreasing the nutrition knowledge and awareness of the individuals , public and policy-makers Topromoting desirable food behavior and nutritional best practices.

Course description :

Assessment Form Grades% Mid-term exam 15% Assignments and oral presentation 10% Final written exam 75%

Course assessment :

Principles of Biochemistry, Donald J. Voet, Judith G. Voet, Charlotte W. pratt, 3rd ed 2012.

Recommended text books :