MFIC 301 – Infection Control

Dr Maha Naga

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

by the end of the course, the student will be able to : Tell the important of infection control. Discuss the chain of infection and ways to break it. List the components of universal precautions. Describe specific ways to control food-born infection

Course objectives :

The course is designed to help the student to acquire knowledge related to chain of infection, control measures, methods, and methods of disinfection, sterilization, and isolation techniques, policy of infection prevention and control, and infection committee.

Course description :

  • Interactive learning and assignment ——10
  • Mid-Term ————————————— 15
  • Final exam (Written) ————————- 75
  • Total ——————————————– 100

Course assessment :

Infection Control Manual for Healthcare Professionals. Cengage Learning Australia.2015

Recommended text books :

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
– World Health Organization: WHO

Recommended refrences :