MEMA201 – Mathematics1

Doaa Talha Gebreel

Course lecturer :

Eng.Abd Allah Yousry
Eng.Jouseff Adel

Course assistant :

1- Know and understand the definition of “function.” Be able to recognize a graph or equation which describes y as a function of x.
2- Evaluate functions at real numbers and simple algebraic expressions.
3- Express the domain of a function in interval notation.
4- Sketch the (complete) graph of simple functions by hand. Use the graph to find the range of the function.
5- Evaluate and sketch the graph of piecewise defined functions.
6- Transformations of graphs: understand and describe how to use vertical and horizontal shifting, reflecting and stretching/shrinking

Course objectives :

The course provides the concept of function, power, polynomial and rational functions and limits of functions. The concepts of derivative, rate of change as the derivative, curve sketching, second derivative and concavity. Exponential logarithmic functions. Applications of experimental function. Introductions to vectors and matrices. Complex variables

Course description :

Assignments Mid-term exam Interactive learning Final written exam

Course assessment :

1. Howard Anton, “Elementary linear algebra with applications”, 6th Edition, 2009
2. Rebert A. Adams,\”Calculus,A complete course\”, 7 th Edition.2010.

Recommended text books :

David Berkinski, “A tour of calculus”, published January 28th 1997 by Vintage.

Recommended refrences :