MECS-203 – Computer Science (3)

Dr. Eslam AlSaba

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

The course objective is to: 1- familiarize with basic concepts of computer programming and developer tools 2- demonstrates fundamental programming techniques, customs and vocabulary including the most common library functions and the usage of the pre-processor. 3- Present the syntax and semantics of the computer programming language as well as data types offered by the language 4- Allow to write programs using standard language infrastructure regardless of the hardware or software platform

Course objectives :

Introduction to compiling and software development, Basic scalar data types and their operators, Flow control, Complex data types: arrays, structures and pointers, Structuring the code: functions and modules, and Pre-processing source code

Course description :

Mid-Term ——————————15 Assignment & Activities —— 10 Project ——————————— 25 Final exam (Written) ———— 50 Total ———————————— 100

Course assessment :

C Programming- “C: How to Program”, by Deitel and Deitel, 7th Edition Horstmann, C. Big Java: Late Objects. Wiley, 2012 Chase, J, Lewis, J, and DePasquale, P. Java Foundations: Introduction to Program Design & Data Structures . 4th edition. Pearson (Addison-Wesley), 2017

Recommended text books :

Python – 3rd Edition – Tony Gaddis

Recommended refrences :