MDRT301 – Fixed Restorative Techniques 1

Dr. Osama Safwat, Dr. Mona Mostafa El Ramady

Course lecturer :

Dr. Mohamed Gamal, Dr. Sally Mohamed

Course assistant :

At completion of this course, the students will be able to:
a) fabricate advanced fixed restorations
b) Identify anatomic landmarks of the adult dentition.
c) Identify materials used to fabricate cast metal crowns and bridges.
d) Demonstrate an understanding of restoration design principles.
e) Explain procedures for fabricating single and multiple unit restorations.
f) Show the correct use of a surveyor in the construction of non-parallel bridges and semi-precision attachments.
g) Articulate and survey casts for multiple unit restorations utilizing the Hanau articulator. Identify and trim margins.
h) Apply principles of occlusion in the construction of crowns and bridge work.
i) Form wax patterns for resin veneer crowns.

Course objectives :

This is an introduction to fixed restorative techniques. Topics include types of casts with removable dies and fabrication of wax patterns.

Course description :

– Research project and interactive learning 5%
– Assignment (throughout the course) 5%
– Mid Term 15%
– Final exam (Practical) 25%
– Final exam (theoretical) 50%

Course assessment :

Dental Laboratory Technology. USAF Vol. III, pages 161-162 Fixed Restorative Techniques, Henry V. Murray

Recommended text books :

Shillingburg HT, Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics. Quintessence Publishing Company; 2012.

Recommended refrences :