MGEH 101 – Environmental health

Dr. Bassma Hassan Elwakil

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Students should be able to: 1- understand the major topical areas in human and environmental toxicology including the biochemical, cellular and physiological mechanisms by which chemicals produce toxic responses. 2- analyze the toxicology of the major classes of chemicals; principles of toxicity testing; interpretation of toxicological data 3- recognize the transmission of infectious microorganisms by air, food, water and other environmental media 4- provide an introduction to environmentally transmitted pathogens and discusses factors affecting their environmental fate, transport and persistence 5- detect and control of infections microorganisms in air, food, water and other environmental media 6- provide a discussion on sample collection, processing and detection for infectious microorganisms 7- provide coverage of engineered controls and disinfection/decontamination processes for infectious microorganisms 8- recognize the effect of exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents, embracing the community and workplace environments

Course objectives :

This course focuses on the relationship between people and their environment, how it affects their physical well-being and what they can do to influence the quality of the environment and to enhance the protection of their health. Emphasis on environmental factors involved in transmission of communicable diseases and hazards due to exposure to chemical and physical materials in our environment. Also, this course explains the basic principles of toxicology and the effect of chemicals on human health. This course includes mechanisms, dose/response relationship; toxicity testing, disposition in the body; modifiers of response; chemicals and cancer; birth defects; exposure in home, workplace, environment and risk assessment and government regulation.

Course description :

Interactive 5% Mid-term 15% Assignment 5% Final exam practical 25% Final exam written 50%

Course assessment :

Dade W. Moeller. Environmental Health. 3rd edition. 2009

Recommended text books :

Dade W. Moeller. Environmental Health. 3rd edition. 2009

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