• Means to Win Over Foreign Students:Foreign Students

    • Vision: The strategic vision of Pharos University in Alexandria requires a focus on the different policies of admission of foreign students in the different faculties of the university, being aware of the importance of exchanging civilizations and cultures, and creating different means of intercommunication between different peoples. in order to enhance the role of the university in fulfilling its academic, scientific and cultural role.
    • Mission: Support foreign students in every field and illuminate the hardships that might face them during their study years in the university. Provide full information concerning the study plans of the different faculties and the terms of admission, in order to compete on the local, regional and international levels as one of the forts of higher education in general, and private and non-profit higher education universities in particular.
    • Main objectives:
      •  Foreign students system should be rewarding in the field of national development, serving educational, research, cultural, economic and political purposes.
      • Increase continuous cooperation with the cultural bureaux that represent different countries, so as to attract students from all around the world.
      • Improve the performance of Pharos University in order the compete on the local, regional and international levels so as to win over a large number. of foreign students in the undergraduate and post graduate levels, achieving an international standard.
      • Implement various new and highly developed methods to win over foreign students from Arab, African and foreign countries, taking the following measures:
        1. Have an advanced infrastructure according to the international standards of quality and accreditation.
        2. Have a brochure for every faculty that contains full information.
        3. Have an email for every student, to which lectures and news on the academic process are sent.
        4. Include on the site of the university full information so as to facilitate communication between registered students and those who desire to study in the university.
        5.  Participate in different conferences and seminars and display the outcome.
        6. The equalization of certificates granted by the university in various disciplines should be accredited.
        7. Grant certificates according to the dual foreign certificates system.
        8. The university should take part in the Association of Arab Universities and Euro-Mediterranean Universities.
        9. Measure and evaluate students’ satisfaction.
        10. Adopt the academic reference standards set by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education for B.A. students, the course specifications and study programs based on these standards.
        11. Introduce the staff members and researchers of the university, their fields of specialization, their scientific research activities, and their contribution in community service and environment development.
        12. Have an office for foreign student affairs at the university.
        13. Provide high quality and advanced educational services to keep up with the local, regional and international labour market requirements.
        14. Adopt a code of ethics based on the principles of discipline, affiliation, determination, commitment and excellence.
        15. Offer unique and advanced study programs set according to latest scientific and international standards, along with study plans similar to those applied in developed countries abiding by the standards of academic accreditation and quality rules.
        16. Activate students exchange programs and signing cultural agreements with Arab and foreign universities through international cooperation.
        17. Offer scholarships for foreign and outstanding students and reduce tuition fees for them.
        18.  Provide facilities and privileges for the embassies and cultural bureaux in Egypt so as to enhance bilateral relations with Pharos University in Alexandria
  • Foreign students are provided with the following:

    • ​A database containing information on the cultural bureaux in Egypt and abroad.
    • A file containing full information, documents, the international agreements and the approvals of the certificate equivalency in various disciplines.
    • Contact embassies and cultural bureaux in Egypt and abroad in order to implement academic cooperation with different countries.
    • Exchange visits between the university and the cultural bureaux, embassies and the educational institutions locally, in the Arab world, Africa and internationally, so as to enforce the university’s academic, cultural, social performance and community service.
    • Provide information on the distinctive and diverse academic programs offered by the university in Arabic language and in English language.
    • Provide information on admission and registration conditions.
    • Contact concerned administrations inside the university to facilitate the procedures of receiving foreign students’ documents, reviewing and accepting them, and issuing their graduation certificates.
    • Provide cultural, scientific and health care for foreign students in the university.
    • Provide comfortable accommodation for foreign students in distinct places.Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt
    • Organize orientation meetings with the newcomers, and encourage cultural interrelations between different nationalities.
    • Continuous follow up of the foreign students to observe their academic performance and be informed of their study problems so as to solve them.
    • Translate the university’s site into English so that foreign students may be informed of the different activities and programs of the university.
    • Coordinate between the university and the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt.
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