GEN 107 -Basic Accounting

Course lecturer :

Dr. Mahmoud abdel-raouf

Course assistant :

Mr. Hamada Gamal

Course objectives :

This course provides students with the fundamental accounting concepts such as (assets, liabilities, owner\’s equity, revenues, expenses, debit, credit and net profit) and principles, in addition to developing their capabilities to perform the basic accounting functions including transaction, analysis, recording, journalizing, posting, balancing and preparing different accounting statements.

Course description :

it provide students with the needed skills to calculate cost of sales and inventory using different methods.Explain the fundamental function and purpose of accounting statements . Explain how equity transactions are accounted for in proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.Discuss proprietorship, partnership, and corporate forms of business organization and their advantages and disadvantages.

Course assessment :

  • Final-term Examination 50% (50 marks)
  • Interactive learning (Class Discussion – Quizzes – Assignments – Case Studies – Professional skills assessment) 30% (25 marks)
  • Mid-Term Examinations 20% (20 marks)

Recommended text books :

Michael A. Calender, (2013), Accounting Basics: Complete Guide, 1st Edition, IBSN: 9781482327815. Nishat Azmat, Andy Lymer, (2010), Basic Accounting (Teach Your Self), 1st Edition, Bookpoint Ltd. ISBN: 9781473609136.

Recommended refrences :

1. American Hotel and Lodging Association (2013). Uniform system of accounts for the lodging industry. Eleventh Revised edition.

2. Hales, J. (2005). Accounting and financial analysis in the hospitality industry. Elsevier Butterworth–Heinemann