Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Dean Message:

Welcome to the Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management at Pharos University, a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to discovery, to making knowledge matter, and to developing all of its members to their utmost potential.

We are committed to providing our students with the best possible education to prepare them for their future careers in tourism, hotel and food and beverage management. This is one of the leading and most energetic sectors of the modern economy providing not only jobs but a numerous of other opportunities.

In order to flourish in this fast moving job market, our students need to be practically grounded with the ability to work effectively from the moment they are employed.

But in order to prosper, they also need to be flexible and creative, and to have the ability to think critically and to reflect on how they relate to their colleagues and customers. As a dynamic learning environment, we continually review and refine our curricula to meet the needs of our students and their employers and comply with the Sustainable Development Goals.

We teach our students that while the world is continuously facing different and difficult economic, political and natural challenges; creative application of the newly acquired body of knowledge will present new opportunities and solutions with which success will have no limits.

To meet the needs of both our students and future employers, the faculty staff members are continually thinking about not only what they educate but also how they educate. Employability is central to our program and to furnish our students to meet the challenges of industry we need to provide them with appropriate practical sessions and to enhance their understanding through experiential learning.

On the website you can read about and hear from our faculty and students, and you can learn about the study plan as well as about our departments majors, minors and the four-year plan that forms a community of students, faculty, and alumni), The Faculty Tourism and Hotel Management, Pharos university aspires to be internationally recognized for its academic research and excellence consultation in all aspects of tourism and hospitality management in the context of the international competitive standards for scientific excellence and innovation.

As the Dean of this faculty, it gives me great honors to welcome you. Come visit us and find out just how exciting it is to be involved in the educational part of what has been acknowledged as the world’s leading economic sector.

Prof. Amany Refaat

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Vision

The Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management at Pharos University aspires to become locally, regionally and internationally recognized for its educational programs, academic research and consultation services in all aspects of tourism, hospitality, and cultural heritage.

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Mission:

The Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management – Pharos University – is committed to providing educational services through distinguished and developed academic programs in the field of tourism & hotel management, in order to prepare a distinguished graduate at the educational and professional level, capable of being competitive in the tourism and hospitality market, locally and regionally, in addition to activate the role of the faculty in serving environment and community, and supporting the developed scientific research.

The Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management has been accredited from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education on 30/07/2018.

Strategic Goals And Objectives :

1.Strengthen the institutional capacity of the College.
2.Raising the efficiency of educational effectiveness to prepare a distinguished graduate.
3.Enhancing the community role of the college and developing the environment.
4.Developing the scientific research system and introducing distinguished programs for postgraduate studies.

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  2. Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Helwan University
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  • Why study Tourism and Hotel Management at Pharos University?

The faculty prepares its graduates for the labor market through special academic programs, advanced syllabus and community projects, in addition to a number of facilities and supporting simulators, such as:
Educational restaurant – Educational kitchen – Travel agency – Front office – Hotel guest room – Language labs

  • Computer labs with a large number of electronic programs and modern reservation system in tourism and hospitality, such as: Amadeus, Fidelio, Opera and Sabre.
  • Field training in tourism and hotel labor market, such as: five-star hotels, tourism companies, travel agencies and airlines.
  • Student scholarships abroad at prestigious international universities.
  • The partnership between the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – Pharos University, and a number of tourism and hotel institutions, locally and internationally (Four Seasons Hotels – Sheraton Hotels “Starwood Group” – Hilton Hotels – Tolip Hotel –a group of distinctive tourism companies – Chamber of tourism companies and travel agencies – Chamber of hotel institutions – Computing and Advanced Technology Company ACT – Educom Overseas Egypt EO).
  • International training opportunities in many developed tourism destinations.
  • The partnership between the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management- Pharos University and a number of International universities, e.g. Jamk University in Finland, Heilbronn in Germany, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), Kansas University in Missouri State in USA.

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