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Dr.Boshra Salem

A word from the Dean of postgraduate Graduate Studies and Research:

I was honored to hold the position of Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Pharos University, and I pray to be able to successfully accomplish the tasks entrusted to me. This cannot be achieved without full cooperation of and integration with the faculty members of the University and continuous communication with the administrative staff of the university, whom I thank very much for the trust they granted me.

The Postgraduate Studies and research Department works to enable the Pharos university to reach a prominent position in scientific research that contributes to solving community problems on the level of governmental and private universities. This will be in parallel with the main concern of reaching high ranks in  the world university rankings by having highly cited scholars that publish scientific research in various fields in indexed international journals.

The great transformation from traditional economy to knowledge economy has brought about a revolution that is reflected on nations economically.  Scientific research is an important pillar of the knowledge economy, policy-making, and comprehensive sustainable development that ensures human well-being and guarantees the ability to compete at the local, regional, and international levels. This is the focus of the vision and mission and the strategic plan of the Department of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.

The university’s scientific research strategic plan stems from the National Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2015-2030, which aims to upgrade the system of scientific research, development, and innovation to raise the level of scientific and practical capabilities to keep pace with scientific progress and provide the foundations for contributing to the achievement of sustainable development.

To achieve its strategy, the Department of Graduate Studies and Research is currently taking actual steps to develop research and academic programs and reach an effective management system capable of keeping pace with the continuous technological changes along with scientific competition.

Consequently, I look forward to a fruitful cooperation with all concerned bodies inside and outside the university in order to achieve the expected goals outlined in the strategic plan, thereby reaching the level of excellence envisioned by the founder of Pharos University.