PTOR 454 – Clinical Decision Making

Course lecturer :

Dr. Rehan G. Abdelaziz

Course assistant :

Course objectives :

The thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options. When trying to make a good decision a person must weight the positives and negatives of each option, and consider all the alternatives

Course description :

For effective decision making, a person must be able to forecast the outcome of each option as well, and based on all these items, determine which option is the best for that particular situation.

Course assessment :

1- Quizzes (5 marks 5%) 2 – Assignments (5 marks 5%) 3 – Mid-term exam (10 marks 10%) 4 -oral and practical (30 marks 30%) 5 – Final exam (50 marks 50%)

Recommended text books :

Medical Decision Making 2nd Edition

Recommended refrences :

Sherrie H. Kaplan, Sheldon Greenfield, Barbara Gandek, William H. Rogers, and John E. Ware Jr.. \”Characteristics of physicians with participatory decision-making styles\” Annals of internal medicine 124.5 (1996). Available at: Decision making in health and medicine: integrating evidence and values‏ MGM Hunink, PP Glasziou, JE Siegel, JC Weeks… – 2001‏ ‏ Medical Decision Making 2nd Edition by Harold C. Sox , Michael C. Higgins, Douglas K. Owens…- 2013 Medical Decision Making 1st Edition by Hal Sox (Author), Marshal A. Blatt (Author), Michael C. Higgins (Author), Keith I. Marton…-2006